These premises take us back to the origins of a genuine “chiringuito” beach bar, where the emphasis is on Mallorcan-style home-made paella and genuine sangria prepared at the table using local wines.
Located between Spa 7 and 8 and with a real beach feel, El Chiringuito is the epitome of our Mallorcan summer: fresh fish and seafood (octopus, anchovies, squid, cuttlefish, bream, sea bass, prawns, clams, mussels , mixed seafood platters, etc.)
all served in an atmosphere that conjures up the island of Formentera.

With our DJs laying down grooves from lunchtime to midnight, all that good music, cocktails and food create an amazing atmosphere. El Chiringuito is famous for its mojitos and its Chill Out zone where full bottles are available. The premises are suitable for all age groups. We offer a take-away paella service.

The Chiringuito has become famous for having the best electronic music parties (Chill, Lounge, Tropical, Deep, House and Electronic Rock) in Mallorca. There’s a party every night of the week. The place has a special magic during the day, with breath-taking views of the Mediterranean, but at night it turns into a vibrant place where you can eat, drink and dance.
Sundays see Mallorca’s best known and most important party “the Sunday Soul Sunset Party” with 5 different “Ibiza Style” DJs from all over the world. On Wednesdays, there’s the “Beach House Party” with international DJs and a very European ambience. The other nights are reserved for themed parties ranging from the latest rhythms from Latin America and Cuba to genuine electronic rock.
At the Chiringuito, every day’s a great day.

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Founded in 1956, with more than 50 years of experience, it is one of the leaders in gastronomy of Palma de Mallorca. We focus on the creation of innovative, personal and unique concepts of restaurants and cafeterias. We believe in the excellence of the products and their specialization, that is why each and every one of our businesses is authentic and different. Our slogan is “restaurants & more” and it is in the “more”, where you can find our passion for the details, for a good experience as well as for improving day by day. Today we consist of 5 venues at the Playa de Palma and one in the center of Palma de Mallorca. We gladly invite you to get to know them all. Enjoy the Experience!

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The denomination of Palma Beach has been created by a group of entrepreneurs of the Playa de Palma, to noticeable raise the quality-level of the restaurants and hotels within the zone. Palma Beach is a brand, that was launched, bearing the main objective in mind, to promote, support and get the Playa de Palma moving, by events, performances and activities. And all of it by means of promotional events and marketing of the sectors like culture, social affairs, sport, games, entertainment and commerce. The objective target is to develop into a brand, that acts as a referee for the visitors, residents and tour operators alike, to strive for quality and to support seasonal adjustment. All in all to give incentives to solve the problems of parking places, living together, security, cleanliness as well as law and order and improve them.